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Key Vehicle Facts

-Model Years: 1971 & 1973
-Body Styles: 2 Door Sedans
Transmissions: Four Speed Manual

Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Litchfield, Maine
-Asking Price: $7,500
-Seller Type: Private Owner
-Contact: SOLD

Description: I am selling my entire collection of Datsun cars and parts. First up is a 1971 510 2 dr. 4 spd car Factory datsun race suspension, never driven on since installed, car currently has no motor or tranny, but have several to choose from. Nice body, 99% rust free car from VA. Car is in primer, and black interior is out, but in very good shape, stored inside. LSD rear, FG front fenders..etc.. was going to be a BRE clone. Shelby Magnesium 13×6 wheels…. brand new master cylinders,weatherstripping, trim, will be a showstopper when done. Pics show noe doors or fenders. I have them, it was apart for roll cage measurements, never installed one though. Also shows 17″ Kosei race wheels, those can be included for additional $$$

2nd car is a 1973 510 2 dr. also a 4 spd. This car is complete, but the motor is stuck from sitting. been off the road since 1980, low miles, with some rust in the rockers, and lower doors, but easily fixable. Aluminum old school slots, interior is pretty nice, needs a good cleaning.

3rd car is a 1967 Datsun RL411SSS. Real SSS car with dual carbs, and the 1600cc motor with fenderwell exhaust. 4 spd tranny, I was driving this car up until last year, was going to pull it apart, and repaint it, etc, but liked it as is. Has some rust, and there was filler covering some dents, Ive removed it, and primed it red, with an old school rising sun hood paint scheme. Roof racks from the 60s… very fun head turning car, sounds awesome, in very nice shape underneath, mercedes fogs, and high beams, interior is good for its age. Super rare car,as are the others. Leaks fuel out of the rear carb, just from sitting, good cleaning should solve it, it did last time. No problems when I mixed AV gas 50/50 with pump fuel, these carbs dont like the alcohol in the new fuel. Very low miles…

Next is the pile of parts. probably 2 pickup loads of parts, 3 engines one is a built L20B with a 99% complete rebuild, needs lash pads for the rally cam, they were lost in transit years ago, but can still be purchased from various sources., 2 5 spd trannies, extra cylinder heads, intakes SU carbs, Dellortos, brakes, hubs, bearings, a good size box of NOS 510 parts, (covered an 8′ pool table twice with NOS goodies) box of various emblems all in new condition. Plus a running 1978 Datsun 620 with a good L20b and a 4 spd, plus lots of trinkets usable on the 510, front end is in mint condition, worth a few hundred bucks on ebay, or make a cool garage ornament for a Datty nut.

Now, I dont have to sell these cars, Im just way short on time and space, and would like to see someone get them done sooner than I will be able to. The $7500 cash seems high, but divide it by everything included…. I will not seperate these, and there are parts at my house, in my shed, basement, and a truckload at my dad’s garage up the road. It will take quite a few trips with a truck and trailer. Ive been collecting this stuff for over 10 years, and have probably fogotton to list half of the parts. Pics are hard for me right now, something isnt clicking between my camera and internet somewhere. If you are serious I will get some good pics sent somehow.


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