Listed below are a few of the key resources online for information, cars for sale and parts related to the 510 Wagon. These are 3rd party links and the information presented there is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete true or non-misleading.

A forum dedicated to all different types of Datsun vehicles. This is a fairly large user generated content website and there is a specific sub-forum section for 510s and 1600s. Go directly to this section. This specific section of the forum contains a few pined threads including a large pictures thread and an FAQ. Besides this there are dozens of threads including information on engine swaps, 510s for sale, modifications and more.

The 510 Realm is a forum dedicated and focused on the Datsun 510. With three areas, General, Technical and Outside the Box, it is the most comprehensive resource for Datsun 510 information online. From a classifieds section to project builds and specifics on electrical wiring, it has practically everything a 510 owner would need to know.

New Datsun Parts is an online resource for original Datsun parts including a section dedicated to the 510 Bluebird. You will find lamps, lights, electrical, emblems, rubber, exterior, interior, drive train, brakes, locks and ignition parts.


Other Resources

Listed below are a few other online places to find Datsun 510s for sale along with parts,accessories and more.

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Auto Trader Classics
  • Backpage
  • Kijiji (eBay Classifieds)


Any other good Datsun resources?  Let us know in the comments below…



  1. Hi, it’s Smith ‘Hot wheels guy'(Die cast) I have all kinds especially JDM(I live in NASCAR Country, so more than likely cars you want are here) so keep me in mind and I do have other brands from time to time. You can also see my comments on ‘Japanese Nostalgic Car’ Site. Thanks-Smith.

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